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Giant presence at Bauma for BKT

BKT Earthmax SR 45 PlusTyre manufacturer BKT will present an overwhelming sight at the forthcoming Bauma Show in Munich, Germany when they showcase their gigantic 27.00 R 49 Earthmax SR45 Plus mining tyre.

The Search is on for The 2016 HighwayHero

Regent Highway HeroesIn November this year, the winner of the Highway Heroes Award will take home R75 000 in cash and prizes while second and third placed drivers will receive prizes worth R40 000 and R20 000 respectively.

Redisa recognises players involved in Waste Tyre Management

21 RED-870918 May 2015 - Johannesburg, South Africa: People make the impossible, possible; and when REDISA (Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa Plan) was gazetted, only a handful saw the potential of waste management in the country, while others believed that what REDISA set out to achieve, was unrealistic.

Redisa escalating collection of waste tyres as source of cost effective fuel for cement kilns

30 tyre fuelAccording to Redisa, key players in the cement industry are currently receiving waste tyres for use in cement kilns from REDISA (the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa).

No Clear Resolution to Waste Tyre Dispute Reached

rmi-logoRecent court action on the part of the RMI to challenge the REDISA plan has produced a judgment.


redisa rmiThe appeal date for the matter between the RMI and the DEA/REDISA has been set for the 08th May 2013 in the Supreme Court of Appeal.

REDISA plan continues to roll

REDISAThe granting to the RMI of leave to appeal the recent judgment by N Bam, AJ in the matter pertaining to the gazetting of the REDISA Waste Tyre Management Plan will not affect the implementation and operation of the Plan, confirmed REDISA CEO Hermann Erdmann.

RMI granted Leave to Appeal in the case against the DEA and REDISA

redisa rmiThe RMI has been granted leave to appeal in the case against the DEA and REDISA.

RMI challenges REDISA – Judgement

redisa rmiThe RMI has, together with its legal team, studied the judgment handed down by the acting judge Bam yesterday.

Judge dismisses RMI case with costs

redisaIn the most recent case brought by the RMI attempting to interdict the implementation of the REDISA plan, Judge Bam has found for REDISA on all counts.

RMI Once Again Challenges REDISA and the Department of Environmental Affairs

redisa rmiYesterday's correspondence to RMI members once again challenges REDISA and the DEA. Said Vishal Premlall: "We refer to the above matter and confirm that the RMI filed a notice of motion in December 2012; the case was heard yesterday at 09h00 in the North Gauteng High Court.

RMI urges for clarity on REDISA

redisa rmiThe RMI is calling upon its members to request for clarity on the Redisa issue.


Integrated tyre industry forum collaborates on waste tyre issue

SANCO ITIF 7Jan2013Following an exploratory meeting between ITIF (integrated tyre industry forum comprising representatives from the Manufacturers, Importers, Retreaders and Dealers) and the president of SANCO (South African National Civics Organization) the honorable Ms. Ruth Nozabelo Bhengu MP, in order to assess industry support for the SANCO Waste Tyre Management plan.


redisa rmi"In our view, since the approval of the REDISA-plan as approved on 23 July 2012 has been withdrawn by the Minister on 30 November 2012, the registration and/or subscription thereto can hold no legal consequence as, in terms of the Waste Tyre Regulations, members need to be registered to an approved Waste Tyre Management Plan.


rmi-logoThe tyre industry, namely manufacturers, importers, tyre dealers and retreaders came together as an independent industry forum facilitated by RMI (Retail Motor Industry Organisation) to discuss the implications of the latest developments surrounding the withdrawal of the approval of the REDISA plan of 23 July 2012 and the approval of the new REDISA plan of 30 November 2012. 


Bandag logoGiven the latest development surrounding the Waste Tyre Management saga that saw the Redisa plan being re-gazetted and enforced on Friday 1 December, John Laskarides, MD of Bandag Southern Africa is urging for independent facilitation.


REDISAThe Minister for Environmental Affairs, Ms Edna Molewa, has re-approved the REDISA Waste Tyre Management Plan for immediate implementation. The plan replaces the REDISA plan that was suspended in terms of an interdict granted on 20 November 2012.


redisa rmiFollowing the Court ruling to suspend the Redisa Waste Tyre Management plan in response to an appeal made by the RMI, Redisa made the following comment:

"The judgment delivered on 20 November 2012 has the effect of suspending the implementation of the Redisa plan. It does not, however, set it aside or cancel it. The suspension is interim relief granted pending the outcome of a review application.


redisa rmiThe RMI has been successful in its court application against the Department of Environmental Affairs and REDISA, in that the Honourable Judge Tuchten ruled in its favour granting interim relief. Effectively the REDISA plan is staid until the full review process of the plan.

SATRP Company Leave To Appeal Rejected

SATRPlogoFurther to the SATRP Company's application for leave to appeal the decision of the North Gauteng High Court judgment to legally obligate SATRP Company subscribers to register with the gazetted REDISA Plan by 21 September 2012, the SATRP Company is disappointed to report that on 29 October 2012 the North Gauteng High Court rejected its application to appeal.


BBC-RedisaBBC, BUSOSA, FABCOS, MKV, NAFCOC, SAFOBS, SAMVA, SANACO and SANTACO have all pledged their unreserved support to the Ministry and the Department and commit to work with REDISA in every way possible to ensure that businesses from townships and rural areas in particular (where poverty is most endemic and where employment is desperately needed) participate meaningfully in the collection and recycling of tyres through South Africa.

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