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EM Tyre Supply Shortage – How it is Affecting us

Otraco brings you a presentation discussing the EMT tyre supply shortage and how it affects us.
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Topics coveredtyre-industry-categories

  • Overview of EM tyre market
  • Effect on mine operations
  • Can alternative tyres fill the gap?
  • What are prospects for future supply?


  • Benefit from past 15 year’s experience
  • Elastic demand; inelastic supply
  • Lock in improvements we have made
  • Long term tyre supply agreements
  • Warranties

Things to Stay Focused Onem tyre market

  • Tyre selection
  • Tyre maintenance
  • Tyre operation
  • Tyre awareness
  • Tyre supply agreements
  • Recycling

Supply Outlook

  • Shortfalls (since 2004)
    • Eased with GFC (Aug 08)
    • Back again in earnest
  • Problematic supply sizes
    • Small to mid-size haultrucks (90-150t)large ultraclass em tyres
    • Large haultrucks (180-255t)
    • Ultra-class haultrucks (>300t)
    • Mid-size loaders
  • 63” tyres
    • New entrants, but Michelin & Bridgestone have solid lead
  • Other brand(s) as major player?
    • Chinese / Other?

Tony Cutler - AusIMM Technical Meeting – 14 May 2012

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