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Nitrogen inflation to become mandatory in Anglo American Group


The Anglo American mining group has ruled for nitrogen inflation to become mandatory throughout its global operations, including South Africa. This is in response to the recent spate of fatalities resulting from tyre explosions on South African mines which has led to the mining sector switching its focus firmly to safety and accident prevention.

Because nitrogen is an inert (dead) gas, it cannot support combustion, thereby ultimately preventing the probability of tyre pyrolosis which ultimately results in a tyre explosion. To prove this, Anglo ran tyre pyrolosis tests using an industrial tyre pumped with air compared to a tyre pumped with nitrogen. The tests conclusively proved the value of nitrogen in that the tyre did not succumb to tyre pyrolosis despite being subjected to excessive heat and pressure, whereas its counterpart exploded within minutes.
"No open cast mine should operate without nitrogen inflation," claims Tom Sowry of Nitralife. "We have been supplying Anglo open cast mines with nitrogen for over 10 years now and demand is now such that we are even supplying to mines in northern and central Africa.
"We recently completed a mine contract for De Beers Jwaneng where we installed a 5600 litre per minute production system for inflating the mines new 63 inch tyres. To our knowledge, this is the biggest on-site nitrogen generator system for tyre inflation in the world."

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