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And another Tyres & More store opens in Kimberley

15 Tyres More Kimberley

A new Tyres & More automotive fitment centre has opened at 28 Long street, Kimberley.

The new store, which officially opened on 25 August 2015, aims to fulfil the demands of local motorists for more quality time spent doing anything but messing around with their cars.

"We know you'd much rather be living your life, making memories and getting where you need to be, than focusing on the needs of your car, and that's fine with us. All you need to know is that Tyres & More does tyres, wheels, shocks, brakes, batteries and more. That we do them at affordable prices, deliver hassle-free service and that you can trust us to put your safety first and to get the job done right, the first time," said franchisee Shiraz Mohamed.

Mohamed invites you to come check out the store, the special offers and see why Tyres & More is the talk of not only Kimberley, but also towns across the nation. You can call them on 053 831 2920 or pop in for a cup of coffee.

The new fitment centre has four fitment and one alignment bays, serviced by skilled technicians. "Customer feedback has been very encouraging. Most were pleased to hear that in addition to selling shocks, brakes, batteries, towbars, wheels, tyres and more, we also provide fitment and testing services at the hands of our qualified technicians, using quality equipment. And without exception, all were impressed by the quality of our fuss-free approach to sales and service," said Natashé Taljaard, Tyres & More Marketing Manager.

Among the services provided by the fitment centre are: exhaust, battery and tyre fitment; nitrogen tyre inflation; 3D wheel alignment; and dynamic high speed balancing. This, coupled with the store's wide range of top quality products from leading brand names has proven to be a recipe for success, as demonstrated by other automotive fitment centres in the rapidly growing nationwide Tyres & More network.

  • For more information on Tyres & More, its products and services, as well as details on current and upcoming special offers and promotions, visit the website www.tyresandmore.com  Then make the smart decision and leave your car in the hands of the people at Tyres & More, while you get on with the "more" that matters most to you – having more time to do more.

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