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Chemvulc's New Automatic Digital Inflation Gauge Launched

Chemvulc Automatic Digital Inflator 
 available in 2 4 and 6 pipe configurations

A new automatic digital inflation gauge that promises to improve rolling resistance thereby saving up to 6% on your fuel bill is now available in SA through Chemvulc.

Complete with new Automatic Digital Inflator available in 2, 4 and 6 pipe configurations), the new digital inflation gauge pledges to:

  • Even tyre pressures – every time!
  • Set your pressure at the required rating for your tyres and accurately, consistently inflate every tyre to the right pressure every time.
  • Correctly distributed weight on tyres
    With all the tyres inflated to exactly the correct pressure, the load being hauled gets evenly distributed across the tyres.
  • Even tread wear = longer tyre life
    When tyres are carrying the load evenly, tread wear is consistent across all the tyres.
  • Correct pressure = lower rolling resistance = Fuel savings!
    Over inflation and under-inflation decrease the performance of the tyre creating more work for the engine
  • Labour saving - connect up to six tyres at once!
    Simply connect up to six tyres at a time and hit the button. This frees up the operator to do tyre inspections and other safety checks while the Automatic inflator works for you!
  • Time saving – connect , set the pressure and hit the button!

Ideally suited for:

  • Wheel alignment bays – We recommend a 4-pipe unit!
  • Transporters - Use the 6-pipe for maximum efficiency.
  • Truck Stops
  • Tyre management teams

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