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Vipal has the best performance tyres on tests carried out on urban buses in Spain

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DV-UM3 and VU100 got high marks when compared to the main brands on the market

Vipal Rubber, a leading Latin American company and one of the most important tyre retreading manufacturers in the world, has just released the results of several tests carried out on urban buses in Spain, which demonstrate the superiority of the DV-UM3 and VU100.

"Vipal's expertise has allowed us to significantly improve the performance of our final customers' urban buses. This is proven in the tests we have done with the company's retreaders partners around the world. In the last years, we have been committed to prove the quality of our products and the benefits of retreading. ", emphasizes Vipal's Commercial Coordinator in Europe, Fabrício Nedeff.

Subjected to very high severity conditions due to high abrasion and constant stop and go, the DV-UM3 tread was mounted on three urban bus models: a Scania N230 4x2, an articulated MAN NG323F 6x2 and a Volvo B270F 4x2. In each comparative test performed, the DV-UM3 tread demonstrated excellent results.
The tests conducted in urban perimeter with the Volvo B270F showed a 117% advantage for Vipal when compared to the market's main competitor in km/mm, with 11.294 km/mm covered when using DV-UM3 and 5.195 km/mm for the other brand. In the projected kilometers, Vipal's tread was 132% higher, registering 185.222 km against 80.003 of its competitor.

On the Scania N230 urban bus, DV-UM3 also had excellent results: the km/mm obtained was 12.942 against 9.677 of its competitor brand, a 34% higher performance, in comparison. In the projected kilometers, Vipal was in the spotlight, registering 212.249 km against 153.864 km of its competitor, 38% higher in comparison. There was also a test on the MAN NG323F articulated urban bus that showed an advantage for Vipal of 6%: 3.220 km/mm from Vipal against 3.049 km/mm from its competitor, and 52.808 km from Vipal against 50.003 km from its competitor in the planned kilometer category.

Another Vipal tread submitted to tests in Spanish urban buses was the VU100, indicated for urban applications and passenger transportation, featuring good traction power and abrasion resistance. In comparison to the other brand, both mounted on the tyres of the MAN NL283F bus, Vipal took the forefront in the km/mm and projected km categories, being 12% higher in both tests.

Vipal's performance evaluations seek to compare similar products, applied in their intended segments and submitted to use in equal conditions, ensuring impartiality in the results obtained. For this to be possible, the tests follow strict standards stipulated by Vipal's Methodology on Performance Evaluation.

Vipal around the world
Vipal is responsible for supplying about 90 countries, with its main markets in Europe, Latin America and the United States. To meet the specific needs of each location, which range from technical requirements to cultural, geographic and legal differences, the company invests in the development of specific products to improve performance in different regions. Moreover, it has authorized retreaders, permanent regional teams, and its own distribution centers at strategic locations on four continents to provide support to international customers.

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